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I’m Jamila Sanderson a registered midwife and founder of Bebe Prep. I am a mother to 3 boys. Previously I worked in the NHS now I split my time between growing Bebe Prep, raising my family and working as a Midwife .
I always wanted to become a midwife since I was a child and trained and qualified in 2008. Since qualifying I worked in many different areas of midwifery and therefore had an opportunity to care for women at all stages of pregnancy. I have had extensive experience and training in safeguarding, I am qualified in facilitating Coaching sessions and I am A certified Sleep consultant. It was having this experience of working with women and also my own experiences as a Mother that enabled me to see that made me aware of  how women from diverse ethnic groups were not being listened to, scared or worried about giving birth as someone from an ethnic minority and also not having access to all the information and opportunities as some of their other counterparts.


WE ARE Maternity Education Service

In recent years we have seen more reports and media coverage of the inequalities in healthcare for women from Black and Asian backgrounds and this has spurned a series of roles, projects and objectives. However, there is still a long way to go. In providing this service I hope the women that feel lost, unheard and scared in the system while pregnant will feel better prepared for birth and caring for the baby by the resources and information we provide. As someone from an Ethnic minority, a Mother and Midwife I feel passionate for all women to feel empowered and have a great experience as they take on the new role of being a parent.

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